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    Comments: Dr Had treated 2 of my children with ACL tears. They where both soccer players. His expertise in is second to none. He was available. He provide the info needed for full rehab. He was tough and had very specific regiment for rehab. They did what he told them and put 100 percent effort. He said therapy starts day one. They did what he said and he was right both my children where 100% motion regained and released to play within 6 months. He is an amazing doctor that has his patients best interest in mind. If you have a knee injury and want to play sports 100% healthy I would recommend him. He is the best there is. Remember he does the surgery and does an amazing job at fixing the problem. It is your job to follow his instructions to a tee on rehab and you will be back better that before. My son in 2 weeks had 130 degree motion. My daughter has 125 degree motion. I have never heard of this but Dr Haro made it possible. They are both recovered fully and have not reinjured there knees because of his expertise therapy routine. If need a great Dr seek him out you will be impressed with the results. I love this Dr and wish him all the best. Thank you for what you have done for my kids. WITH love Marcus and Mary Coart.